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swell for the win
j-biceps sits the boys down for a lecture
menage a purr
blues on tour
spree got high and ate some cheetos?
a new fear for the list
sqeezing @ skateland
a shakey start
punky kisses
eat the snow!
i love this baby girl!
february at the beach
sam <3s my bowling ball (as well she should)
'cause the service is WAY better at the bar
bed of leaves
leaf party
little loves
leaf shower
no, no, now we are even.
1 dash 1
1 slash 2
(untitled media #589)
the girls OR i friggin' hate posing for pictures
they be thuggin'
anyalida bongs beer
swell -- moments before the beer shower
kristen gets up close and personal
i told him not to put it in my face
can you believe we didn't wrestle?
if the glove does not fit, you must acquit (replaces the davenport phrase)
kissy face
licky face
a stern lecture about not stealing hats
huggies and kissies
i bought the shirts because i REALLY wanted the headband
prep school
back in black
stink pits?
skin so soft
au natural
blue over you
turns out it's cold on lake michigan in february. who knew?
rules to remember
a fearsome foursome
sam i am
surjay puts the moves on pixylayne
no need for reservations

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