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Like Really Old Photo
$10,000 pyramid
fags in a limo
downtown madison
j-biceps sits the boys down for a lecture
funky fresh
best hair cut I have ever given joe
coffee. yum
crazy jayoh
salute, duh
hot bishes
oh boy merlot!
sqeezing @ skateland
can you take our picture?
joe at the space needle
joe being a pro with babies?
happy new year!
quarantine sandwich
(untitled media #173)
if you like pina coladas...
komputar karashes
dancefloor cowboys
skankin' to the beat
downtown madison
downtown madison
oh my, zombies
the boys
jayoh's dance
My birthday present from jayoh finally arrived!
'cause the service is WAY better at the bar
(untitled media #782)
dog days of summer
iced coffee, ftw
goofy kids
being super, per usual
you know.
first, and probably only, free starbucks coffee
an evening well spent/a broken picture well fixed.
ah yeah!
creeping you on facebooks
starscream v. jayoh in a vodka shot blowout
coffee, funny
haay...its not working..
drunken scrabble
he's too cool for you.
jayoh.3 part 2
joe-1, jess-0
who kah?
joeys got a new toy
(untitled media #1255)
we derp out

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